This is the most stupidly last second submission, so the description isn't too big, but I hope to add more tomorrow.

Cube Game is RedstoneWizard22's terribly named submission for the My First Game Jam 2017. It is a game where you guide a cube towards a gol, represented by yellow/red particles. If you beat the level fast enough, you can earn a time award, beat it with the least clicks, you earn a clicks award. Pick up the purple cube and you earn a cube award.

This is only a prototype/demo so far and only has 4 pretty lacking levels however I am hoping to expand upon it in the future and many turn it into a proper working game. :)


- Click and hold where you want the cube to go

- A and D rotate camera

- R resets level

Oh, It's not mobile compatible btw

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Published 14 days ago


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